Sunday, November 30, 2014

PES Market Day Orders Due

PES Market Day Orders are due Monday (12/1) by 11pm.
Pick-up is Thursday (12/4).

Scrip Orders Due

Only 4 days left to get your Scrip gift card orders in!
Thank you to those who have already turned in your orders. 
Order forms & payment are due Thursday December 4th. Cards will arrive by the 12th.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Humor

Just a little fun for the people who are making the turkey today! ;-)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
There is no school Wednesday (11/26) - Friday (11/28)!

The PTO is thankful for all of our dedicated volunteers, the district families, and especially our own families!  
We appreciate all you do for us and your willingness to be open to this new journey. 
What are you thankful for? 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Take 5...With Amy Deutsche

Take 5...With Amy Deutsche - PES - 1st Grade Teacher

1) What is your favorite Color?  My favorite color is green. 

2) What is the funniest or most creative excuse a student has given for not doing their work?  The best excuse is, I have a paper cut and it hurts too much to write.

3) What is your favorite TV show and/or book?  My favorite television show is Modern Family and my favorite book is One Tuesday Morning. 

4) Do you like something sweet or salty?   I like sweet and salty together!!

5) If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go?   I would love to go to Australia. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

PES Secret Santa Shoppe Volunteers Needed

PES Secret Santa Shoppe is in need of volunteer elves!
PES has shopping on 12/2-12/5 for students and is in need of additional volunteers who can work chunks of time to help wrap gifts (consists of putting gifts in a decorative plastic baggie and writing the names on it) and assist kids in shopping (not just your own ;-).)  Help is needed primarily on the 2nd and 3rd.  If you can help any day for a window of time, that would be great.  
Please contact Rinda Tosi at 708-533-0846

PES Market Day Pie Pick-Up

PES Market Day Pie Pick-up TODAY!
Pick-up 11/24 @ 4:30-5:30pm

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Secret Santa Shoppe

12/2-12/5 (Tues-Fri) - PES Secret Santa Shoppe
12/11 (Thur) - PIC Secret Santa Shoppe

Friday, November 21, 2014

Fannie May Winners & Penny Wars Results

The Winners of the Fannie May Candy Sales Contest!
 Avery K. sold 15 totes.  Third grader at PES.  She won $100
Sarah P.  sold 9 totes.  4th grader at PIC.  She won $75
Kristofer K.  sold 7 totes.  5th grader at PIC.  He won $50. 

Great job everyone!

A extra HUGE thank you goes out to Joyce Sears(PIC), Amanda Bostjancic (PES) and Karen O'Brien (PIC/PES) who picked up all the money buckets at each school, drove them to the bank and tallied all money collected by class.  If you think this was a minor effort, it was a minimum of 2 hours every day at PIC alone.   Can't even begin to imagine the time PES took.  I am in awe of my fellow Officers. There isn't a harder working or more dedicated PTO that I know of. 

Here are the results of the Penny Wars and classroom who raised the most money: 

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...tat-tat-tat-tat-tat
PES Penny Wars Winner ; Mrs. Murray's Class
PES Most Money Collected: Ms. Foster's Class  $890.65
PES Grand Total: $3,425.41

PIC Penny Wars Winner: Mr. Cann's Class
PIC Most Money Collected: Mr. Cann's Class $302.97
PIC Grand Total: $1,342.56

Combined Total For Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: $4,767.97
Awesome Job Everyone!

Murray  $       (21.63)
Hamning  $       (24.85)
Flanagan  $       (26.51)
Hartsfield  $       (27.46)
Gliva  $       (32.99)
Zywica  $       (35.33)
Knap  $       (37.43)
Nagra  $       (41.68)
Caza  $       (51.83)
Paeth  $       (55.64)
Norvilas  $       (60.62)
Devore  $       (61.22)
Monahan  $       (63.40)
Shivers  $       (77.58)
Deutsche  $       (81.49)
Zaker  $     (101.71)
Rojas  $     (112.08)
Ernst  $     (112.57)
Foster  $     (397.05)

PES Winner of the Most Money Collected:

Foster  $     890.65
Zaker  $     259.99
Ernst  $     227.53
Rojas  $     196.42
Zywica  $     194.47
Murray  $     170.37
Monahan  $     158.70
Deutsche  $     150.61
Shivers  $     144.52
Paeth  $     138.46
Nagra  $     136.82
Hamning  $     135.69
Hartsfield  $     124.84
Devore  $        98.32
Flanagan  $        87.39
Caza  $        86.17
Norvilas  $        79.38
Knap  $        76.77
Gliva  $        68.31
PIC Penny Wars 
PIC Most Money Collected

Mrs. Davis Locks Of Love

Mrs. Davis (PES Principal) has donated 10 inches of her  beautiful hair to Locks Of Love!
In Mrs. Davis' career she has had 3 students who have either had Leukemia (1 of which is a current student who is our "Honored Hero") and Mrs. Davis' mother also had Lymphoma. Locks Of Love is an organization that provides hair pieces to children who are battling cancer.

If you would like more information about making a donation yourself, go to the following link:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Penny War Update

It's all comin' down to Friday!  Who--- will --- come --- ahead as the Winner's of the War and the Winner's of the most money collected?!?!  


Shivers $(22.50) Winning War
Gliva $(23.91)
Hamning $(25.30)
Zywica $(26.84)
Zaker $(29.92)
Hartsfield $(29.93)
Flanagan $(30.87)
Knap $(32.11)
Nagra $(33.68)
Caza $(35.75)
Murray $(37.36)
Rojas $(37.54)
Deutsche $(38.95)
Norvilas $(39.62)
Paeth $(47.32)
Monahan $(52.83)
Devore $(53.86)
Ernst $(55.46)
Foster $(144.72) Winning Most Collected 

Barger       ($27.98)
Cann         ($65.14) Winning Most Collected
Feenstra       ($40.29)
Phillips       ($55.57)
Snowden     ($37.54)
Gertler     ($13.64) Winning War
Gibson       ($46.57)
McAllister   ($43.61)
Ostby         ($41.16)
Peppmuller ($36.70)

Talent Show Audition Forms Due

PIC 2015 Talent Show
Audition forms are due by November 21 (Friday)!

Please turn in the Drama Club Survey if you have not done so already.

Dress For Conditions

Please note the kids can go outside for recess in temperatures above 15 degrees.  
Be sure they have hats, gloves and coats suitable for the latest temperatures.
Ask them if they are warm enough on recess!  They might just admit a sweatshirt is not cutting it! ;-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wed Penny Wars

Penny War Update
I did not get an update from PIC, they are a little busy with setting up the Book Fair and Literacy Night tomorrow.

PES Totals

  Foster  -64.8
Paeth -35.94
Zaker -20.88
 Murray -31.12
  Nagra -18.85
Flanagan -29.84
 Zywica -18.02
 Rojas -16.92
 Gliva -17.65
Shivers -20.35
 Knap -15.88
 Monahan -34.17
Deutsche -19.31
Caza -27.81
Hamning -19.36
Hartsfield -0.25
 Ernst -18.66
Norvilas -30.06
Devore -31.64

Scrip & Teacher's Wish List

Scrip information will be coming home!
What is Scrip?  Basically it's a gift card fund raising program that allows our families to buy gift cards they purchase for the holidays (birthdays, teacher's gifts, bus driver gifts, etc...) through us.
The great thing about the program is that you don't purchase anything you would not already be purchasing and our PTO earns a % on the cards purchased. 

Please see the complete Teacher's Wish List on our Blog (it's own tab) and Facebook (under notes) pages.  If you have questions, contact Kathy Derkacy

Orders for Scrip are due on December 4th.  The cards will arrive the following week.

Teacher's Wish List 2014

Teacher's Wish List has been posted on both the Blog and Facebook pages. 
This is just a courtesy that the PTO does for the parents to help give ideas to those who chose to purchase a gift for these every day heroes.  

PIC Family Literacy Night

PIC Family Literacy Night is Thursday (11/20) 6-7:30pm.
Book Fair will be open for your shopping convenience!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

PTO Meeting Minutes Posted

The November PTO Meeting Minutes have been posted. 
Look under The Meeting Minutes tab on the Blog.
Look under "Notes" on Facebook. 

Tuesday Penny Wars

PES Penny Wars

Murray $                                              (4.21)
Paeth $                                              (8.64)
Rojas $                                           (10.07)
Ernst $                                           (10.60)
Knap $                                           (10.66)
Zywica $                                           (10.80)
Gliva $                                           (11.32)
Nagra $                                           (11.51)
Deutsche $                                           (12.49)
Hartsfield $                                           (12.54)
Shivers $                                           (13.39)
Hamning $                                           (13.46)
Flanagan $                                           (13.96)
Zaker $                                           (14.33)
Caza $                                           (16.96)
Norvilas $                                           (23.75)
Monahan $                                           (29.98)
Devore $                                           (35.12)
Foster $                                           (39.81)

Barger     $1.71
Cann         $5.26
Feenstra      $1.52
Phillips      $3.95
Snowden    $5.64
Gertler     $4.06
Gibson       $16.35
McAllister  $3.02
Ostby         $4.91

PIC Book Fair Coloring Contest

PIC Book Fair Coloring Contest!!!
The coloring sheets are due first thing Thursday (11/20) at school and winners will be announced at the end of the day.  Winners are able to redeem their certificates at Literacy Night.  Those who won and can't attend literacy night, can redeem them on Friday (11/21). 

PIC Book Fair

PIC Book Fair is this week (11/20-11/21)!  
Kids will be shopping during their designated times.
Coloring contest sheets are due by the 19th and 3 winners from each PIC grade level will be chosen.  The winners will receive a voucher for a free book. 
Families are welcome to come shop on Family Literacy Night Thursday (11/20) 6-7:30pm.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Total For Penny Wars

The war has just begun and I already smell some sand-baggers! 

PES Monday Penny War Totals:
Foster $5.96 $1.00 $4.96 $6.96 
Paeth $5.43 $2.35 $3.08 $7.78 
Zaker $7.51 $5.75 $1.76 $13.26 
Murray $4.96 $4.55 $0.41 $9.51 
Nagra $7.66 $8.20 $(0.54) $15.86 
Flanagan $2.53 $3.20 $(0.67) $5.73 
Zywica $0.96 $2.15 $(1.19) $3.11 
Rojas $0.46 $3.25 $(2.79) $3.71 
Gliva $0.01 $2.95 $(2.94) $2.96 
Shivers $1.04 $5.15 $(4.11) $6.19 
Knap $3.20 $7.45 $(4.25) $10.65 
Monahan $11.05 $15.30 $(4.25) $26.35 
Deutsche $6.71 $11.55 $(4.84) $18.26 
Caza $0.78 $6.65 $(5.87) $7.43 
Hamning $5.28 $12.10 $(6.82) $17.38 
Hartsfield $-            $8.75 $(8.75) $8.75 
Ernst $0.48 $11.10 $(10.62) $11.58 
Norvilas $0.40 $13.15 $(12.75) $13.55 
Devore $1.17 $18.85 $(17.68) $20.02 
Outside Donation 125

PIC Monday Penny War Totals:
War     Pasta
$4.67 $5.83
-$0.24 $9.54
$4.93 $6.17
$5.15 $6.85
$3.84 $4.46
$0.92 $1.28
-$0.69 $3.89
$3.13 $4.07
$3.90 $5.30
$3.59 $4.61
TOTAL Collected $52.00

Mr. Cann's class is in 1st for the Pasta Lunch.
Mrs. Gibson's class is winning the Penny War.

Fannie May Prizes

Fannie May Prizes will be handed out:
Wednesday (11/19) at PES
Thursday (11/20) at PIC
Thank you to all who sold Fannie May Candy, to the volunteers that helped get it unloaded, and especially to Kim Pierson for her work in heading up this major task at 2 schools. 
It was well worth all efforts because we made a profit of  $11,000!
Now that's SWEET!

PES Market Day Pie Orders Due

PES: Market Day Pie Orders are due 11/17- Pick-up 11/24 @ 4:30-5:30pm

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Penny Wars Are Here!

It's here! PENNY WARS will be happening this week at both PES & PIC!
Kids bring their pennies to add to their classroom bucket (a positive).  The other classes can try to sabotage your class total by putting in silver change (a negative).  Which class will come out on top? Stay tuned! 

Here are the theme's for the week to add to the fun:
Monday: Sports Apparel 
Wednesday: Future Me Day 
Friday: Wear Lime Green or Orange
Mrs. Davis (PES Principal) will be getting her hair cut on Friday and donating it to Locks of Love.

Monday: Future Selves (dress up as themselves in the future)
Tuesday: Hat Day
Wednesday: Favorite Jersey
Thursday: Superhero Day
Friday: Wear Lime Green or Orange

All money will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
* Donations can be made online at either school site (top choice in the column on the left) but these donations do not count for the Penny Wars. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Please Send In...

SEND in your:
* Capri Sun/Foil Pouches
* Recycle Items (toner/print cartridges, old phones, small electronics)
Box Tops
Labels for Education

Capri Sun and Recycle Items are offering us additional bonus incentives for our shipments prior to Christmas.  Thank you!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cold Weather Attire

Please dress your children for the bitter cold. Cover up that skin!  Brrrrrr

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PIC Market Day Pick Up Reminder

PIC Market Day Pick-Up is Wednesday (11/12) 3:30-4:30pm.

++++  Please note that the PES Pie Orders are due on 11/17 and they must be sent in with the order form & payment. This is a special order for pies only at PES, therefore online orders are not accepted.  PES Pick-up is 11/24 @ 4:30 pm Thank you! ++++ 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Honoring Our Heroes

Here are a few pictures of the special way both schools honored our Veteran's on this special day!

PES: Wall of Honor! 
A HUGE thank you goes out to Ms. Amy Deutsche and the PES students and staff who helped contribute to the Wall of Honor.  To see this wall in person truly is an emotional thing.  Each student made a Poppy to honor special Veteran's. Today students wore red, white and blue. 

PIC: Breakfast with their heroes was this morning. 

There were 42 Veteran's and Servicemen in attendance.  Guest Speakers included: WWII Army Veteran: Mr. Kenneth Dedrick, Marines: Matt and Jamie Hammond and National Guard: Josh Hendricker.  A great big THANK YOU to Mrs. Justus (artwork, music and preparation), Mrs. Feenstra (pianist), Mrs. Lexow (organized the Scouts and donated pins), the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts, along with the 5th Grade Choir who sang The National Anthem. 

WWII Army Veteran: Mr. Kenneth Dedrick

Marine Jamie Hammond

Marine Matt Hammond

National Guard: Josh Hendricker

The Peppmuller's