Teacher's Wish List 2019-20

Teacher’s Wish List 2019-20

We love our teachers and staff!  This list is compiled for the people who like to reward our teacher’s with a gift at various times throughout the year. This is just a simple way to give you an idea of what they like or prefer to use for their classroom or personal use.  Gifts are not expected, but the PTO provides this as a courtesy to parents.

Connor Shaw
Mrs. Blair & Ms. Onsen 
As a staff over here, we all work so closely together and there are so many of us, we would like to request that we have only one list from over here at CSC and that we would then use the items requested as a group.  Here is what we have come up with…Gift Cards for Chipotle, Dunkin Donuts, Tony’s Pizza, Sammy's Pizza, Target, Lakeshore Learning Store, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, a note from kids and families about some of their favorite activities at CS.  It is always good to hear what they like best about what we do here because it might not be what we think.  

Peotone Elementary School

Mrs. Jill Schaeffers

Electric pencil sharpener, stickers, Teachers Pay Teachers gift card, Amazon gift card, Starbucks gift card, Target gift card

Mrs. Debbie Caza
Kohl’s, Amazon, chocolate, pepsi, books, markers, crazy scissors

Mrs. Ashley McDonald
Target, Barnes and Noble, Michael’s, Lakeshore Learning, Dunkin’ Donuts

Mrs. Val Monahan
Target, Lakeshore, Barnes & Noble, Teachers Pay Teachers, Amazon, Scented markers, scented stickers, building set

Math Specialist
Miss Amy Deutsche
Amazon, Panera, Jimmy Johns, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s,Teacher pay Teacher, Christmas ornaments, popcorn, Diet Dr. Pepper, jumbo craft stickers, thin dry erase markers, thin smelly markers, Play-Doh, colored card stock paper

1st Grade
Mrs. Jackie Clark  
Amazon, Dunkin Donuts, Jimmy Johns, Aurellios, Panera, Teachers pay Teachers, Drinking water, almonds, snickers, white cheddar cheese popcorn, board games for indoor recess

Mrs. Rachel Graniczny
Target, Starbucks, Teacher pay Teacher, books on CD’s for centers, transparent spinners (Amazon), games for indoor recess (board games, legos, lincoln logs etc.)

Mrs. Kara Norvilas
Gift Cards to Target, Dunkin Donuts, Hobby Lobby, Walmart or Amazon.com, Games for indoor recess (board games, Legos, Lincoln Logs or puzzles)

Mrs. Samantha Sexton

2nd Grade
Mrs. Janice Hamning
Target, Starbucks, Michael’s, Barnes & Noble, stickers, Games for indoor recess (board games, legos, etc)

Ms. Kristen Hartsfield
Amazon, Teachers Pay Teachers, Barnes and Noble, Target, and Chipotle gift cards.  Also fun erasers or other small things for a prize box, markers, pens, highlighters, magnets to hold up posters

Mrs. June McAllister
Kohl’s, Panera, Aurelio’s, Starbucks, Amazon, App Store and iTunes, Dollar Tree, and Teachers pay teachers gift cards. Uno Games.

Mrs. Nancy Murray
Teacher Pay Teachers gift certificates, Starbucks, Target, and Kohl’s gift cards. Any second grade books fiction or nonfiction, Stink Books, Judy Moody Books, Secrets of Droon Books, Who Was? B0oks, Books about Animals (nonfiction) (she already has all the Magic Tree House and A to Z mysteries)

3rd Grade
Mrs. Kathy Ernst
Target, Learning Tree, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, Teachers Pay Teachers, learning games, and the 1 minute timers. 

Mrs. Amy Devore
La Siesta, Brickstone, Carson’s of JCPenney’s, Michael’s, Walgreens, walmart, snapfish, sam’s club,Teacher pay Teacher,  Bath & Body Works hand soap, body lotion, spray, popcorn, cashews, almonds, or honey roasted peanuts, seasonal stickers

Mr. Eric Peppermuller
25 Clipboards, Teachers chair, seat cushions for student chairs, 3rd grade learning games, birthday certificates

Mrs. Michelle Weirich
Hobby Lobby, Target, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Amazon, Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards, Magna Tiles or Picasso Tiles master set,  and Legos

Special Education
Mrs. Sarah Acevedo

Alexandra Martin

Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, Craft supplies, candy. 

Mrs. Amy Cameron

Mrs. Belina Ruckman
Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, chocolate, highlighters, dry erase markers, sidewalk chalk

Reading Specialist
Mrs. Tracy Redman
Barnes & Noble, Panera, Kohl’s, Target, books, skinny dry erase markers, stickers

Mrs. Amy Sadler
Barnes & Noble, Dunkin Donuts, Panera, foaming hand soap, fun stickers, mechanical pencils

Music Teacher
Mr. Larry Deweese
Meatheads, (He’s Gluten free!!)- cheetos,  heath bars, butterfingers, milk duds, crayons, LATEX-FREE pre-sharpened pencilsBath and Body Works gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, TGIFridays gift cards, Walgreens gift cards, and Target gift cards. 

Art Teacher
Mrs. Lauren Zivat
Starbucks, Staples, Michael’s, Lakeshore Learning, gel pens, stickers, chocolate, markers, tissue paper, shape hole punchers, googly eyes, pom-pons, glitter, craft sticks

PEGregg Schreiber

Ms. Shannon Anselmo

Social Worker
Mrs. Molly Siniawski

Mrs. Kelly Chenoweth

Occupational Therapist 
Tori Coffman
Dunkin Donuts, Hobby Lobby, Grapes and Hops, Amazon, Jimmy Johns and Subway, chocolate (M&Ms, Reece's cups, Reisins, Snickers), Cherry Pepsi , Gum, Fun Colored Pens, Stickers, Foaming hand soap (no vanilla smells)

Mrs. Carole Zurales
Target, Kohls, Amazon Gift Cards, any kind of chocolate

Mrs. Mandi Fier
Target, Taco Bell, Panera Bread gift cards, silver earrings, any color nail polish, Mt. Dew

Mrs. Andrea Hasse
Hair Cuttery, Walmart, Target, Berkots, Nail polish, starburst, skittles

Mrs. Monica Cowger
Gift cards for starbucks/target, Chocolate, All fruit, Anything nursing, Click pens, Hand sanitizer, Note pads

Media Specialist
Sheri Schubbe
Barnes & Noble or Amazon gift cards (for library books), age-appropriate new book donation, bookmarks, post-it notes, sharpie markers, Dove dark chocolate, Pure Leaf unsweetened black tea

Peotone Intermediate Center
4th Grade

Ms. Katrina Yager

Mrs. Emer Flanagan
Dunkin Donuts, Kohls, Target gift cards

Mr. Scott McAllister
Teacher Pay Teacher gift cards, Kohls, Olive Garden, Aurelios, Visa or Mastercard gift cards, Portillos

Mrs. Jill Ostby
Mcds, Speedway gas, AMC movie card, Favorite pop: Diet Coke, Favorite candy:  Milky Way, Expo broad tip markers(low odor) various colors, colored pens      

Math Interventionist
Mr. Brian Cann
Barnes & Noble, Target, Michael's, Home Depot, Walmart gift cards

5th GradeMrs. Grygiel

Mrs. Nicole Kreml

Target, Dunkin Donuts, Walmart, Starbucks gift cards, Kit-Kats, and flair felt tip pens. 

Mr. Roger Phillips
Target and Walmart gift cards

Mr. Jeremy Snowden
Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Wal Mart, Hobby Lobby, sticky notes, pencils, colored or black dry erase markers, bookmarks and design pencils for incentives, design folders for incentives, any other teaching supplies would be great.

Ms. Michele Clayton
Teacher Pay Teacher, Walmart, Staples, Amazon, OfficeMax

Special Education
Ms. Rebecca LeFevers
regular pencils, colored pencils, pencil-cap erasers, stickers, correction tape, chocolate

Mrs. Connie Mortell

Mrs. TJ Kauchak

Mrs. Krysta Harmon

Mr. Jim Wedic

Ms. Shannon Anselmo

Social Worker
Mrs. Melanie Green

Mrs. Robin Hamann
Flair felt tip pens (they don't bleed through paper), colored Bic pens (any color but black, blue, or red), gas card, Target, Casey's, large hair clips.

Mrs. Joanne Obszanski
Decorative chalkboard on easel for school entrance way, heath bars, orbit bubble gum, coffee, pumpkin seeds

Mrs. Patricia Brott
Dunkin Donuts, Subway, McDonald's, JC Penney, Walmart, Target, Candles, nail polish, photo frames, earrings, bath & body

Mrs. Dawn Barber
Gift card to Tony's Pizza or Subway, Hobby Lobby, Target, Click pens and mechanical pencils - Dove Chocolate