Friday, April 29, 2016

PIC Staff Appreciation Week

A Superhero size thank you to Joyce Sears & Kim Pierson
for putting together a wonderful week long celebration for the PIC staff!!!
Also a huge thank you to all the volunteers who 
helped throughout the week and to the parents and students for participating in the fun!!
We have the best staff and we hope they felt spoiled!!! 
*Next week starts PES & CS spoiling!!! 

PES Book Fair

A great BIG thank you to Amanda Bostjancic 
and the numerous parent volunteers who put together not 1, 
but 2 Book Fairs at PES this year!!!
Thank you to all of the students and families who 
purchased books as well!!!! It all comes back to 
benefit our students and teachers. 


Don't forget gift cards make a perfect gift 
with many different vendors and denominations!
Can't beat one stop shopping!
Orders are due 5/4 - cards will arrive the following week.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

PIC Staff Appreciation Week Friday

Friday is the last day to show our PIC staff some 
extra love!
PIC: Friday (4/29) Wear a superhero shirt! 

Take 5 With...Sheri Shubbe

Take 5 With...Sheri Shubbe
Job Title: Media Specialist
School:  PES, PIC and CS (I am lucky to work in all 3 buildings!)

1) What was the best present you ever received when you were a kid? 
A Monopoly game.

2) What is your favorite season and what do you like about it? 
I love summer because of the warmth and unstructured days. Also, my kids are home from college, and I love having the whole family home.

3) If you had to pick one... would you sing or dance in public? 

4) What is your favorite band/singer? 
My daughter is a music major in college, so my favorite bands are the ones she's in! I also love listening to Celtic Woman.

5) Something memorable a student once said to you? 
One time I was wearing a shirt my sister had given me for my birthday, and an 8th grader told me, "Mrs. Schubbe, that shirt looks too young for you!"  Another day, a boy came in first thing in the morning, and said, "I'm so happy today because my feet feel so good in my new socks!" That cracked me up! :)

PES Staff's Favorite Things

Below you will find PES Staff's Favorite things. 

PES – Staff Appreciation Week 5/2-5/6 2016
Favorite snack CHEETOS
favorite candy MILKY WAY
favorite fruit NECTARINE OR BANANA
favorite gum PUR OR DOUBLEMINT (allergic to anything with Sorbitol)

Favorite Snack: Frito's
Favorite Candy: Nestle's Bunch a Crunch
Favorite Beverage: A can of Arizona tea
Favorite Fruit: Oranges
Favorite Gum: Eclipse

snack: honey mustard pretzel crisps
candy: laffy taffy
Favorite beverage: coffee or sierra mist
favorite fruit: bananas
favorite gum: spearmint any brand

Favorite snack - chips, all kinds
favorite candy - take 5, kit kats, gummy candy
favorite beverage - water, flavored water
favorite fruit - apples, strawberries, melon, oranges...really any kind of fruit
favorite gum - any kind of sugar-free gum

Favorite snack - gardettos or any snacky mix
favorite candy - m&m chocolate candy bar or white chocolate anything
favorite beverage, something kids can bring ;) haha - diet pepsi
favorite fruit - orange
favorite gum - mint (wintergreen or spearmint)

My favorite snack is trail mix (with the chocolate pieces).
My favorite candy is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
My favorite beverages are Smart Water or Unsweetened Iced Tea.
My favorite fruit is an apple.
My favorite gum is any minty gum.

favorite snack - popcorn
favorite candy - peanut or peanut butter M&M's
favorite beverage - grape or lemonade crystal light
favorite fruit - apples
favorite gum - wintergreen

Favorite Snack- Cheetos
Favorite Candy- Take 5 Bar
Favorite Beverage- Orange Gatorade
Favorite Fruit- Pineapple
Favorite Gum- I don't chew gum

Snack- Pringles
candy- Reeses
Beverage- Orange Gatorade
Fruit- grapes or cantaloupe
Gum- Bubblicious

Favorite snack ~ anything chocolate!!
favorite candy ~ anything chocolate!!
favorite beverage, something kids can bring ;) Diet Coke
favorite fruit ~ grapes, strawberries, anything!!
favorite gum ~ Orbit/spearmint

Snack- Chips and salsa
Candy- Reese Cups
Beverage- water bottle
Fruit- Strawberries
Gum- Anything minty

My favorite snack is Popchips.
My favorite candy is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.
My favorite beverage is Diet Coke.
My favorite fruit is a strawberry.
My favorite gum is Mentos.

jaclyn Clark
Favorite Snack:  almonds,White Cheddar cheese popcorn or chips and salsa
Favorite Candy:  Snickers or Reeses
Favorite Beverage: Water
Favorite Fruit:  Apples
Favorite Gum: Oribit or Trident

Kristen Hartsfield
favorite snacks are things like trail mix, nuts, and crackers.
Candy is all kinds :)
Drink is water or flavored water
Fruit,  I love it all ;)
Gum anything minty or peppermint

Favorite snack - trail mix or granola bars
Favorite candy - Fannie May butter creams or Dove chocolate
Favorite beverage - lemonade or Diet Pepsi
Favorite fruit- grapes or bananas or cuties
Favorite gum - Extra peppermint 

Val Monahan
Favorite snack- trail mix
favorite candy- Reese's peanut butter cups
favorite beverage- lemonade
favorite fruit- watermelon
favorite gum- Trident layers

Amy Deutsche
Favorite snacks:  popcorn, peanuts, cashews, cheez-its
Favorite candy:  Reeses Peanut butter cups, Peanut M&Ms
favorite beverage:  Diet Dr. Pepper, water, ice tea
Favorite fruit:  blackberries, strawberries, blueberries
Favorite gum:  spearmint flavored

Michelle Weirich
Favorite snack - healthy - trail mix or dried cranberries, a treat - muffin
Favorite candy - anything chocolate!
Favorite beverage - sweet tea  or  coffee
Favorite fruit- strawberries
Favorite gum – orbit

Brenda Gallagher
1. popcorn, peanuts & trail mix
2. reeses,butterfingers, milkyway pretty much anything with chocolate
3. pure leaf unsweetened black tea
4. any fruit
5. any kind of gum

Nancy Murray
Favorite snack...CARMEL RICE CAKES
favorite candy...TWIX
favorite beverage, something kids can bring ;) haha WELL< YOU KNOW,
favorite fruit...APPLES
favorite gum...ICE CUBES.

Rachel Graniczny
Favorite snack - chips, all kinds
favorite candy - take 5, kit kats, gummy candy
favorite beverage, something kids can bring ;) haha - water, flavored water
favorite fruit - apples, strawberries, melon, oranges...really any kind of fruit
favorite gum - any kind of sugar-free gum

Favorite snack-pretzels
favorite candy-chocolate covered pomegrantes
favorite beverage-Unsweetened iced tea
favorite fruit-bananas
favorite gum-I don't chew gum, I do like cinnamon and cool mint Ice Breakers

Favorite Snack-  extra sharp cheddar cheese and salami
Favorite Candy- Peppermint Patty
Favorite Fruit-  I can't have-  but I like cottage cheese, salty almonds and again, extra sharp cheddar cheese and salami.
Favorite Gum-  NO GUM!  I like mints!  ;)
Fav drink: diet rootbeer,  coke zero

Favorite snack- popcorn 
Favorite candy- Snickers or peanut m&ms
Favorite beverage- iced tea or Diet Pepsi
Favorite fruit- strawberries or grapes
Favorite gum-  Extra peppermint gum

Favorite snack-nacho cheese bugles/white cheddar cheez its
Favorite candy- Hershey's Cookies and Cream/ Swedish Fish
Favorite beverage-McDonald's sweet tea/propel/rootbeer
Favorite fruit- strawberries/grapes
Favorite gum- any kind except cinnamon 

Favorite snacks are anything hostess products and popcorn!
Favorite candy is twice bars & hundred grand.
My favorite, school appropriate, beverage is Pepsi. 
My favorite fruit is apples & oranges. 
My favorite gum is extra

Favorite snack-  yogurt
Favorite candy- chocolate 
Favorite beverage- herbal tea 
Favorite fruit-  strawberries
Favorite gum-  I don't chew gum

PES Staff Appreciation Week 5/2-5/6

Staff Appreciation Week is next week (5/2-5/6)
@ PES & CS

Here are the daily fun for each building:
PES Staff Appreciation Week 5/2-5/6
Monday (5/2): Fav snack
Tuesday (5/3): Fav candy
Wednesday (5/4): Fav beverage
Thursday (5/5): Fav fruit
Friday (5/6): Fav gum or other item if staff does not like gum.

CSC Staff Appreciation Week 5/2-5/5
Monday (5/2): Bring a flower or special note
Tuesday (5/3): Bring a school supply
Wednesday (5/4): Wear your teacher’s favorite color
Blair: Blue - Pilbeam: Purple
Thursday (5/5): Bring your teacher a piece of candy

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

PIC Staff Appreciation Week - Wed

PIC: Wednesday Brink Staff Members Favorite Drink 

Today's Pro Kids Show for the PES Students

A few pictures from today's Tim Hannig Pro Kids Show. 
Tonight is a BRAND-NEW SHOW for the families!!! 
Book Fair opens @ 5:45pm - buy one - get one free! 
Pro Kids Show starts at 6:30pm

Family Night With Tim Hannig Pro Kids Show

PES Family Night Tonight (4/26)!!
Come out to the PTO Sponsored Tim Hannig Pro Kids Assembly
What you need to know:
- Book Fair will be open at 5:45pm
- Doors open at 6:20pm for Tim Hannig performance
- Tim Hannig Pro Kids Show starts 6:30pm
- Book Fair will be open 30-45 minutes after the show ends

Monday, April 25, 2016

PIC - Tuesday Favorite Snack

Tribute to our wonderful teachers! 
PIC: Tues - Bring Staff's Favorite Snack

Last Scrip Order

The last Scrip order for this school year is coming home soon!
If you want to get a jump on your order go to:

Scrip orders are due 5/4 and cards will arrive the following week!
Ideas: Staff gifts, Father's Day, bus drivers, 
aides, birthdays, restaurants, birthdays, summer vacation...etc.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

PIC - Staff Appreciation Week - Favorite Things

Monday starts PIC Staff Appreciation Week!
Monday - Students bring decorated super hero shield 
and wear a staff members favorite color!

PIC Teacher and Staff Favorite Items - Participation Optional
Name Color Snack Drink Much Needed Supply
Mr. Cann-5th Blue Fruit Coffee-Pike Place or Starbucks Binding clips, good pens
Mrs. Gibson-4th Purple Mint Gum, Trail Mix Dr. Pepper, Crystal Light, Iced Tea Scented stickers, books, books and more books
Mrs. LeFevers Special Ed Peotone Blue Anything Chocolate Water dry erase markers
Mr. Phillips-5th Orange Twix/Caramel Diet AW Root Beer, Diet 7-Up, Zero dry erase markers
Mrs. Ostby-4th Green Cheese Combos Coke Zero Expo low odor dry erase markers in red, black or blue
Ms. Banks-Aide Green Fruit Iced Tea Eraser tops for pencils
Mrs. Mahalik-Aide Red or Pink Popcorn, Fresh Fruit and Veggies Water, Diet Coke Colored pens or felt tip colored markers
Mrs. Barger-5th Purple Trail Mix Pure Leaf Iced Tea Sharpened pencils, pencil sharpener
Mr. Snowden-5th Blue Cookies Coffee Pencils, bookmarks, other items for prize giveaways
Mrs. Barber-Nurse Green Pretzels Water Click pens
Mr. Rusek-Band Director Orange Snickers Diet Coke Black dry erase markers
Mrs. Justus-Music/Art Orange Peanuts Tea Sticky tack
Mrs. Brott Secretary Green Peanut M&Ms Iced Tea Hand sanitizer
Mrs. Obszanski-Principal Green Kind Bars Coffee w/ cream & sugar
Mrs. Feenstra-5th Lime Green Plain M&Ms Pepsi, Tea Leaf Unsweetened Iced Tea Dry erase markers, black ultra-fine Sharpies
Mr. McAllister-4th Red   Mr. Goodbar, Reese's PB Cup, Snickers Diet Pepsi Dry erase markers, pencils
Mrs. Gertler-4th Blue Chex Mix, Lifesavers, Cheez-It, Mints Water w/ Raspberry Ice Mix, McDonalds Sweet Tea Colored pen, Colored felt tip makers, cute Post-it Notes, Clip magnets to hang things on, any other fun stuff
Ms. Nordlof-4/5 Orange Trail Mix Ginger Ale Cute binder clips
Mr. Peppmuller-4th Blue Slim Jim Bee, Cheddar sticks Diet Coke Mechanical pencil sharpener
Ms. Presson-Special Ed Purple Cheese Popcorn Ice Tea Highlighters, dry erase markers, sticky notes
Ms. Pertchi-Psychologist Pink/Blue Chocolate!! Diet Coke
Mr. Wedic-P.E. Blue Peanut M&Ms, Reece's PB Cups Water
Mrs. Hamann-Speech Purple & Orange Fruit Snacks Green Tea(plain), Diet Coke Paper Mate Flair pens(colored felt tip markers that don't bleed), colored gel pens
Ms. Clayton-Reading Specialist Blue Mints Iced Tea Highlighters   
Mrs. Massat-Lunchroom/playground Purple Gummy Bears Dr. Pepper  Playground equipment (balls, chalk, etc.)
Mrs. Watkins-Special Ed Sky Blue Crackers 7-Up
Ms. Murdie-Aide Aqua Trail Mix Water, Tea, Iced Tea, Coffee Colored pens  
Ms. Crawford-Aide Red Flamin' Hot Cheetos Pepsi   Dry erase markers, red pens
Ms. Gonzalez-Bilingual Assistant Yellow Trail Mix Iced Tea Pencils, pens
Mrs. Vincent-Aide Black Potato Chips Diet Coke
Mrs. Coners-Lunchroom Purple Popcorn  Unsweetened Iced or Green Tea
Mr. Johnson-custodian Blue Oatmeal Pies Diet 7-Up
Mrs. Schubbe-Media Specialist  Blue Banana, 3 Musketeers Water Gently used books

Thursday, April 21, 2016

PIC Staff Appreciation Volunteers

PIC Staff Appreciation Week is in need of a little more help!
Monday (4/25) - 3 needed to bring soup
Wednesday (4/27) - 3 or 4 to bring cookies or brownies
Thursday (4/28) - 6 to bring an appetizer
If you can help or have questions contact:
Joyce "Wonder Woman" Sears:

PES Book Fair

PES Book Fair is next week (4/25-4/29)!
Amanda Bostjancic is in need of help!
Amanda could use help to set up the book fair early this afternoon (4/21)! 
If you can help with the PES Book Fair please email Amanda Bostjancic 
If you plan to come in to shop with your child, why not come in an hour before or stay an hour after to help?!  See the class shopping times below. 
 If you can help in any way contact Amanda:

Monday 4/25/16
9-9:30am- Hamning
9:35-10:05- Clark (subbing for
10:10-10:40- Murray
10:45- 11:15- Rojas
11:15-12:15- LUNCH
12:15-12:45- (open)
12:50-1:20- Caza
1:25-1:55- Weirich 
Tuesday 4/26/16
PES Family Night @ 6:30pm 
Book Fair will be open before and after this event. 
ednesday 4/27/16
9-9:30am- Paeth
9:35-10:05- Monahan
10:10-10:40- Zaker
10:45- 11:15-  (open)
11:15-12:15- LUNCH
12:15-12:45- (open)
12:50-1:20- Graniczny
1:25-1:55- Ernst
Friday 4/29/16
9-9:30am- McDonald
9:35-10:05- Devore
10:10-10:40- Deutsche
10:45- 11:15-  (open)
11:15-12:15- LUNCH
12:15-12:45- Hartsfield
12:50-1:20- Knap
1:25-1:55- Norvilas

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

PIC Staff Appreciation Week

Are you ready to spoil the staff at PIC? Great!
PIC's Staff Appreciation Week begins Monday (4/25) and goes until Friday (4/29)!!! Theme is: Superheroes!!! Participation is optional.
Here are the fun activities the kids and families can help show their appreciation. The PTO is providing other things throughout the week, ending with a catered luncheon for the staff on Friday. Have some fun and show your love!

Mon (4/25) - Bring in your "I think you are super because..." paper to tell a staff member why you think they are SUPER! Wear a staff members favorite color!
Tues (4/26) - Bring a staff member their favorite snack!
Wed (4/27) - Bring a staff member their favorite drink!
Thurs (4/28) - Bring a much needed school supply!
Fri (4/29) - Wear a superhero themed shirt!

Yearbook Orders Due Today

Today (4/20) is the deadline to order Yearbooks!
If you have any pictures from school events, please send them
to the following by Friday (4/22)!
PES: Dana Lally
PIC: Mr. Peppmuller

PES & PIC Yearbook orders are due April 20th!
To order and customize 2 free pages go to:
Enter the school passcode.
School passcodes:
PES: 1014111417532686
PIC: 1013482352371479